Friday, August 21, 2009

Double-you tee eff District 9?

Qu'est-ce que fuck?

I saw this movie. I saw it last Friday. I was excited to see it, I had heard all the hype, it was to be the greatest movie of the summer, [insert more tooting of one's own horn], etc. So, I went.

Let me say here, that since I have seen it, all I have heard about it is that it is fantastic. It is the best thing to come out of Hollywood since the dawn of time, it's better than anything anyone has ever seen, it's a legendary piece de resistance.

It was shit. SHIT.

First of all, the camera? It was strapped to some 8-year old boy on Ritalin, and he was told to vaguely follow this one actor around the whole time while jumping on a trampoline in the middle of an earthquake. I try to avoid things that make me nauseous, and this is one of those things.

As for the story, it was meh. I'm not going to ruin it for anyone who wants to go see it (DON'T), but honestly, it's not so original as everyone seems to be claiming. It's a retelling of a lot of different stories in which a group of people is persecuted and one man tries to save them, while enduring his own personal crisis. Only insert "aliens" for "people", and you have a summary of this film.

I'm not sure why I am so enraged by all the positive ratings this movie is receiving, I only know that I am.


Shane Caldwell said...

Should have seen Transformers instead. Forget best film of the summer. More like best film of all time.

marsha said...

Andrew wouldn't go with me to see it. I'm not actually ballsy enough to go alone, and the number of people I know in Milton sum up to approximately 1. Sigh.


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