Thursday, June 25, 2009

Turn your head, now baby just spit me out

So Michael Jackson died. It has left me wondering what it must be like to die a different colour than one was born. I suppose it won't matter for much longer, unless they cryogenically preserve him against the time we discover how to breathe life into frozen dead people. Actually, they no doubt will keep him around. It's Michael Jackson. We'll need someone to make fun of in the future.

I got myself a brand spankin' new haircut today. I hadn't had a haircut in a long time. I let it go longer than one should, really. My split ends had almost reached the roots, is what I am saying. Anyway, I went to see Melissa at Acqua. I love Melissa, she is awesome. She's also currently very pregnant, it must be killing her to be on her feet all day. Anyway, she turned me into this:

I quite like it. It's pretty much what I had before, but the bangs are slightly different. It's plenty lighter. I will definitely appreciate it for the summer.

Next week is a 3 day work week for me. It's not ideal, I get Wednesday off and I'm taking Friday. Unfortunately I have to be in Thursday, so it will be a bit odd, but we'll make do. The boy and I are going home to the Waterfront Festival, as we do every year. It's the only time of year Cobourg is actually fun. I love it to pieces. I hope the weather co-operates. It likely won't.

I must go get ready to go for a run. The thunderstorms have paused for a bit and the boy will be back soon for me to join him. Off I go!



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