Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I like doing activities

My Louis Garneau Equipe jersey is impossible to find. Apparently, they are no longer making them because they are a limited item. Our Cyclepath only has larger sizes, which I am not. Everywhere else doesn't even have them available, and cannot get them because LG is out.


Luckily, I am flexible. We went to MEC tonight to look around for other options. We went 10 minutes before they were closing, partly because it took us a while to decide we were going to go, and partly to prevent us from spending the hundreds of dollars that normally get spent there whether we mean to or not. MEC is one of the happiest places on earth.

Somehow, the normally extremely critical, analytical shopper in me found a jersey that I liked within 30 seconds, tried it on, loved it, and bought it before 5 minutes were gone. Very rare for me.

This is it:

It's Castelli, and the colours are much (much) better in real life. Purple. Soft.

Awww, Paulie is curled up on the mountain of boxes in the corner. He rarely induces an "awww" response out of me, so it was worth commenting on.

He got up and left. He's a restless sort of cat.

I have been sucking it up in the active department this week. I fucked up my ankle last week from running, so I'm taking a few days off from that to let it heal. This somehow has lead me to not do anything. Well, that and the weather; the crappy rainy/hailing/overcast/freezing spring weather. Supposed to be nicer this weekend.

I can't wait to move. One month from tomorrow! Yay!



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