Monday, February 2, 2009

High school me

I was going through some of my old stuff today, and I found a book where I used to write poems. About unrequited love, music, and physics.

I did not get physics in high school. It was not taught well, which I still believe to be true, and I know that the teacher, Lenters, was the problem. I know this because when I got to university, I took 2 physics courses. The same courses required by the engineers. We covered exactly the same material I had covered in high school. I was not introduced to any new concepts at all. The only difference was, I GOT IT. It wasn't because it takes me two times to learn something - it doesn't. I may not be good at some things, but school is not one of them. I have plenty of people who will back me up on that.

Anyway, clearly one day I had simply had enough with the whole physics shit hand I was dealt, and I whipped out my flashy silver pen to jot down some lines on my black paper:

I loved that little black book. In case you can't read it (I can barely read it off the page), the date was 3/5/03, so that was grade 11.



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