Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fudge Fiasco

So I made the fudge.

A few things went wrong. First of all, I mixed all the sugars and cocoa together, and then realized, I have no milk.

I always have milk.

I did look through the recipe first, to ensure I had everything, since I'd just posted about how I didn't have everything the last time I baked, and I skimmed right over milk (hehe), because I always have it. It is a given. Except, I don't have any.

I do have chocolate milk.

This fudge is either going to be really, really good (as I suspect since obviously I've tasted it already), or really really awful.

That was the first hiccup.

The second was that I used my largest saucepan. I figured it would be a good idea, since the recipe called for four cups of sugar. Unfortunately, my biggest saucepan is not that big.

When things are heated, they expand. This is something that most people know.

I got fudge...everywhere. Everywhere. It boiled over the top of the pan onto EVERYWHERE. I wish I'd gotten a picture of my stove because, wow. It was, ugh.

This brings us to my third issue:

Due to a combination of everything above (except maybe the chocolate milk), I could not get the fudge up to the proper temperature. I tried. I heated, stirred, removed from heat to let it go down, removed half the contents from the pan, heated, stirred, let it go down, and repeat, and it still only just avoided overflowing by the combination of my will and that of Van der Waals. UGH. So, it only got to around 225, maybe 228 °F, which is about 12° lower than needed.

This will very likely lead to a fourth issue:

We will probably have to eat the fudge with a spoon.

At least it looked good in the mixer.



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