Friday, January 23, 2009

Defrost Disaster

Yesterday we woke up to a freezer full of water that should have been ice, defrosted meat that should have been frozen, and mushy, mushy bananas. Egads!

I spent my morning yesterday making spaghetti sauce (might as well use the ground beef while it's hot, so to speak), transferring foods outside, and wondering whether my digestive system is fortified sufficiently to handle chicken that may or may not have been sitting at room temperature just long enough for a small kingdom of salmonella to set up shop.

Trying to salvage what food I could, I made spaghetti sauce, two loaves of banana bread, a loaf of cheese bread, and strawberry banana daiquiris. Unfortunately I still have a frozen yogurt tub three quarters full of brown banana mush in the fridge. I don't have that many recipes that use brown bananas. Also, the cheese bread didn't use up any defrosted frozen stuff, I just wanted it.

Never a dull day around here. Especially when there are daiquiris about.

PS The fudge is fucking fantastic.



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