Saturday, July 11, 2009


I'm not married, not in any legal sense of the term at least. When one has been with the same person for well over 5 years, however, a ring doesn't really make that much of a difference - except when it comes to taxes.

I've known Andrew's mom since high school. She's perfectly fine, as people go, she's nice, and generous, and has never been anything but gracious towards me. I'm sure she talks about me to other people, and is not necessarily gracious then, but we won't go into that now.

I was reading this article on relationships with in-laws. The following quote actually made me guffaw. Yeah you heard me. Guffaw.

"An Italian study, for instance, done by the National Statistics Institute, found that the odds that a marriage will last increase with every hundred yards that couples put between themselves and their in-laws. Italian courts found this evidence so compelling that they have ruled that a wife has the right to a legal separation if her husband is not effective in preventing his mother from "invading" their home, Apter says."

Italy is pretty far from here. It sounds like a nice place to live.

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Shane Caldwell said...


I can't believe I hadn't found this before, and especially after you prompted me to get back writing mine!

Keep up the awesome writing, you've already made me choke on my coffee once (not recommended)


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