Friday, May 29, 2009

An Homage to the Depot

I never thought I would have the need, desire, or the bladder capacity to participate in a 3 hour trip to Home Depot. I definitely never foresaw the need to visit Home Depot more than say, once a week. I never really thought about Home Depot all that much, except how much I hated it when I was dragged there by my parents when I was little.

The past couple weeks I have spent as much time at Home Depot as I have sleeping. In fact, I am pretty sure that at one point I actually was sleeping at Home Depot.

Do you know what's really nice about Home Depot? If you stop and stand in one place for, oh, 10 seconds, approximately 17 Home Depot employees will ask how you are, if you're finding everything alright, if you need any help, and if you can move your ass so the big box doesn't fall on your head.

I have spent around a month's salary at Home Depot. In the past two weeks. I have not bought any appliances. I have not bought tiles, or cabinets, or granite counter tops. I have spent a buttload of cash on necessary household items plus paint.

This weekend I will probably visit the Home Depot at least twice. The first time to pick up some lawn maintenance tools like a trimmer and maybe some shovels, and the second time to pick up everything we forgot to get the first time, like compostable green bags and a patio set.

I love my new house. When I get back from the Home Depot and everything is set up to my liking, I will post some pictures.



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