Wednesday, February 18, 2009


It's official. I have letters after my name.

Yesterday was the weird and wonderful ceremony of convocation. I graduated along with the rest of the College of Biological Science. Our speaker was a hydrogeologist, who not only does work completely unrelated to the discipline of biology, but also gave a long speech that gave the impression he was looking to hire new graduates into his company. It was odd.

So, my Bachelor's degree is done, over, kaput. Onto being a grown-up now.

So long, sweet childhood!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who needs sleep? (Well you're never gonna get it)

I am exhausted.

I got a sweet new job making baby juice, and I've been getting up early, commuting an hour both ways, and standing on my feet all day, all week. I'm a real adult now; it's terrifying and wonderful.

I'm working again tomorrow, but I had today off. We went out for breakfast, got groceries, bought me a dress for grad, cleaned the entire apartment, made cookies, fudge, and spent a lot of time not relaxing.

It's a good thing that I do not have to work on Family Day, or Tuesday, or Wednesday, because I am starved for sleep and the couch. Tuesday is convocation, so I'm taking that off to make up for working Sunday (tomorrow), and Wednesday the only other lab tech isn't in and since I'm not trained to actually do anything, going in would be pretty useless. This results in me having a huge stretch of holidays that are not holidays, in my second week of work.

Pretty sweet deal.

Tomorrow Andrew is going to the auto show with his family. I was supposed to go, but then I got hired and was asked to work, so...we know how that turned out. But I will be around for supper. We're having sweet potato soup that we started in the crock pot tonight, lamb, and salad. It should be epic.

All in all, I had a wonderful Valentine's day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

My only indulgence would be that I eat a lot of frozen yogurt...

I have been a very busy beaver these last few days. I had a job interview earlier this week, and set up another for next week. A few days ago I cranked out a reconstruction of an Incubus t-shirt I've been hanging onto for a long time. I was very happy with the end result. I really love the red material I used, it's soft and sparkly and totally rocker chick.

On Friday my old desktop computer finally heaved its last breath. It's been barely clinging onto the threads of its existence for the past two years or so, so it was not a surprise to me when it suddenly turned off and refused to be revived. Because I'm graduating in just over a week, Andrew decided conveniently that an appropriate graduation gift would be a new computer. Yay! So now I have a lovely new HP laptop, unfortunately with Vista.

So far, I hate Vista with the passion of a thousand burning suns, but I am trying to keep an open mind. It's a huge pain in the ass, and causing me all sorts of inexplicable problems. I imagine I will end up either having Andrew downgrade me to XP, or I will install Ubuntu because I have all sorts of love for that operating system, except for some compatibility issues that require a little extra effort to deal with.

Today I convinced the boy to take me for a walk by the pier. It was beautiful and sunny so I took the camera along. It certainly helped my winter depression to get out of the apartment, although it was really windy down by the water. I bought some vitamin D fortified orange juice today as defense against the Canadian winter. I can't wait for spring.

Monday, February 2, 2009

High school me

I was going through some of my old stuff today, and I found a book where I used to write poems. About unrequited love, music, and physics.

I did not get physics in high school. It was not taught well, which I still believe to be true, and I know that the teacher, Lenters, was the problem. I know this because when I got to university, I took 2 physics courses. The same courses required by the engineers. We covered exactly the same material I had covered in high school. I was not introduced to any new concepts at all. The only difference was, I GOT IT. It wasn't because it takes me two times to learn something - it doesn't. I may not be good at some things, but school is not one of them. I have plenty of people who will back me up on that.

Anyway, clearly one day I had simply had enough with the whole physics shit hand I was dealt, and I whipped out my flashy silver pen to jot down some lines on my black paper:

I loved that little black book. In case you can't read it (I can barely read it off the page), the date was 3/5/03, so that was grade 11.


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Adventures as an Abstract Artist

...and into alliteration.

Andrew and I have been meaning to get some art to cover up these ugly, ugly walls. Unfortunately, we're a little short on cash (this is a running theme in my posts), but neither one of us is interested in cheap crap.

Andrew suggested we paint our own art. Of course, my reaction was: "HA! AS IF!". Then I took a closer look at the types of paintings I was looking at, and...they're probably not that difficult to do. Even for someone like me, a talentless, useless waif.

Thus empowered, I promptly excluded Andrew from the project because I get ridiculously selfish when it comes to my ideas. I asked him for help, because I don't know how to hold a paintbrush, but true to my character, I ignored all the advice he gave me.

I am a stubborn prig. I know it. He knows it.

So, armed with straws and string and brushes and fingers (!), I painted.

Paulie sat very gingerly on the newspapers while the background was drying overnight.

He's still deceptively cute.

Before I started this colourful endeavour, I carefully laid out the billions of newspapers you see. I also asked Andrew if he could move my pretty (PRETTEH!!!) bike into the other room as a preventative measure. He laughed and asked me how the hell I was planning on getting paint on my bike. To that I say, LIKE THIS:

Do you see that? I GOT PAINT ON MY FACE. It's also all over the floor, my socks (because I STEPPED IN IT), my shirt, my pants, my hair (!), the couch, and many other places I don't even want to think about.

This is probably why I never really got into painting. I am a mess.

I will of course post a picture of the finished product as soon as it can be called as such. I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise before then.


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